Lifelines – The Podcast

We wrote the book and people are buying it. 

Thank you.

That gave us an idea - maybe Lifelines might work as a podcast. 

A series of short, shots of practical wisdom - direct into your ears.

A way to start the day… or end it.

So we’re making it and our ‘Series 1’ of 'Lifelines the Podcast' is primed to start on March 5th - and run through the Christian season of Lent.

Forty days with forty hunches on living some kind of rewarding life.

About how we make good decisions. Or if forgiveness is possible. 

About what prayer is … or how we face loss.

About love… and how we make the most of our time on this good earth.

Lent is a season where Christians traditionally try to reset their lives - often by giving something up. 

Something they like - to drink or to eat.

But what if Lent was about taking things on board - instead of chucking them overboard. 

New ideas. Or old ones.

Some kind of wisdom for taking a life in a new direction.


Lifelines - the Podcast.

Tune in as you wake up or wait for the bus…as you make the coffee or finally hit the sack.

A chance to open life a little wider…  or take it a little deeper. 

To think about some of the big questions.
Daily sustenance on living this life well. 

Clues not instructions. 

Every day from Wednesday March 5th. 

(In the photo, that’s Amaka and Rick, helping us make the series.)

lifelines podcast.jpg